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The First Asian Energy Conference

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance

Date and Time: 2 Nov 2015 (Monday), 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Venue: Dr. Wu Yee Sun Lecture Theatre (WLB 109), Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University


The Asian Energy Studies Centre organised The First Asian Energy Conference and a series of energy events on the week of November 2-5th, 2015

On the week of November 2-5th, 2015, the Asian Energy Studies Centre (AESC), together with the Department of Geography, organised a series of energy-related events at Hong Kong Baptist University. These events strengthened AESC’s global research network, brought the latest research insights and solutions in moving towards a sustainable energy future for Asia, including Hong Kong. These events have also strengthened the role of AESC as an increasingly recognised hub for sustainable energy studies on the Asian region.


Theme and Aim of the Conference

The aim of this Conference is to provide a forum for academics to share new policy and governance practices of smart grid deployment from Asian perspectives. This year’s theme is on smart grids. Smart grids play a major role towards a low-carbon future because they are key to both supply and demand-side management of energy systems. Aside from technological advancement, these solutions also require political sensitivity, well-informed policy analysis, and improved understanding of stakeholder perceptions. It will contribute to a better understanding of governance, institutional, and political challenges underpinning smart grid deployments and help formulate policy recommendations for successful smart grid deployment.

This Conference is unique in that it will feature speakers from around the world such as the US, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands who will share their experiences on smart grid developments worldwide and in Asia. We will feature 2 keynote speakers: Professor Rikiya Abe from the University of Tokyo, and Dr. Alice Siu from Stanford University.

The Energy in Practices Blog, Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University

Robin Smale, a PhD Candidate at the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and one of the speakers at the First Asian Energy

Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition and Innovation in Governance, wrote an article summarising key insights and questions and sharing his reflections from the Conference.

The First Asian Energy Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance (Nov 2)

Prof. Rikiya Abe from the University of Tokyo and Digital Grid Consortium, presented his keynote “The Realisation of the ‘Internet of Energy’ in Japan: Challenges and Prospects”.


Panel discussion with keynote presenters and speakers (left to right: Prof. Elizabeth Wilson, Prof. Rikiya Abe, Dr. Alice Siu, Mr. Chan-Kook Park, Prof. Kenji Tanaka).

Mr. Chan-Kook Park from the Korean Energy Economics Institute presented on the “Factors Enhancing Smart Grid Consumer Engagement”.



These Powerpoints and videos have been uploaded under permission by respective speakers of the First Asian Energy Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance on November 2, 2015. Please feel free to download or view for your personal use.

Conference Programme

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these presentations or videos are solely of the authors, and they do not necessarily reflect the position of the Asian Energy Studies Centre on the discussed issues and topics. None of the parts in any of these Powerpoints or Videos may be cited or quoted without the permission of the presenter(s) within the respective presentation(s) or video(s).

Keynote Speeches

The Realisation of the “Internet of Energy” in Japan: Challenges and Prospects

Rikiya Abe

Professor, Presidential Endowed Chair of Digital Grid, University of Tokyo; Representative Director, Digital Grid Consortium, Japan

Speaker Profile

A Deliberative Approach to Public Opinion Polling: Consumer Perceptions of Energy Choices in Japan and China

Alice Siu Associate Director, Center of Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University, USA

Speaker Profile


Session 1: Asian Experiences from Korea and Japan

Factors Enhancing Smart Grid Consumer Engagement

Chan-Kook Park Associate Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), South Korea

Speaker Profile

Smart Grids as a Social System Innovation: Experiences from EV Rent-a-car Project

Kenji Tanaka

Project Associate Professor, Organisation for Interdisciplinary Research Project, Department of Systems Innovation, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Speaker Profile

Morning Panel Discussion

Chair: Prof. Elizabeth Wilson

Panelists: Prof. Rikiya Abe, Dr. Alice Siu, Mr. Chan-Kook Park, Prof. Kenji Tanaka


Session 2: Asian Experiences in China

State, Markets, and Governance for Sustainable Energy Transitions: Smart Grid Developments in Japan and China

Daphne Mah

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Director, Asian Energy Studies Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Honorary Assistant Professor at the Kadoorie Institute at the University of Hong Kong

Speaker Profile

A Holistic View on Developing Smart Grids in Asia

John W M Cheng

Senior Manager – Group Sustainability, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong

Speaker Profile


Session 3: International Perspectives on Asian Smart Grid Pathways

The German Energy Transition – Lessons from the Helmholtz Alliance ENERGY-TRANS

Pia-Johanna Schweizer

Senior Researcher, ZIRIUS Stuttgart Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Speaker Profile

Smart Grid Modernatisation and Stakeholder Perspectives: Lessons from the US and the Relevance to Asia

Elizabeth Wilson

Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy and Law, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, USA

Speaker Profile

Smart Grids, Information Flow, and Emerging Domestic Energy Practices: The Dutch Experience and Implications for China

Robin Smale

PhD Candidate, Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Speaker Profile

Afternoon Panel Discussion

Chair: Prof. Peter Hills

Panelists: Dr. Daphne Mah, Prof. Elizabeth Wilson, and Mr. Robin Smale

Speaker Profile


Photos from the Conference

Post-Conference Internal Research Meeting (Nov 3)

(Internal research meeting with scholars from around the world)

Speakers and members of the organising committee of The First Asian Energy Conference, as well as other scholars, gathered for the Post-Conference Internal Research Meeting on November 3rd to discuss areas of collaboration and develop potential research plans.

Energy Research Seminar Series: Seminars No. 1-3 (Nov 3-5)

Prof. Elizabeth Wilson, University of Minnesota, presented on the topic “Integrating Big Wind into the Electricity Grid: Transmission, Reliability, and Markets in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator”.

Speakers from the US, South Korea, and the Netherlands presented on various energy topics, ranging from wind energy, nuclear power, to domestic energy consumption at the energy research seminar series from November 3rd to 5th.

The aim of the seminar series is facilitate discussion and ideas exchange among different stakeholders to promote a sustainable energy future in Hong Kong. These global experiences were valuable because they provided further insights on how Hong Kong could move forward from the perspectives of grid operations, municipal energy policies, and households. Supporting Organisations of this seminar series included Civic Exchange, Friends of the Earth (HK), and World Wildlife Fund (HK).

Dr. Taedong Lee, Yonsei University presented on the topic “An experiment for urban energy autonomy in Seoul: The One ‘Less’ Nuclear Power Plant Policy”.
Mr. Robin Smale, Wagningen University presented on the topic “Domestic energy consumption in perspective”.

Platform for Sustainable Energy Studies: Cultivating a New Focus of Interdisciplinary Research at Hong Kong Baptist University

Internal research meeting with scholars from around the world.

As a newly emerging centre for research excellence in sustainable energy studies, AESC aims to provide a collaborative platform for cultivating interdisciplinary research with particular focus from the perspectives of governance in the Asian context. This fits well within Hong Kong Baptist University’s Vision 2020 Strategic Theme No. 5 which aims to promote interdisciplinary, collaborative research. AESC will continue its mission serving at such capacity and to be a catalyst to meet HKBU’s long-term goals, aspiring to make significant academic impact in the years to come.


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