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Knowledge Exchange

We promote informed energy decision-making and improve energy policies in this region, including Hong Kong, by creating new knowledge, providing practical policy recommendations, promoting knowledge exchange, and facilitating stakeholder engagement.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage
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The Asian Energy Studies Centre has responded to the Public Engagement Document based on our research in two perspective solar communities.

Academic and Major Events

The prospect and challenges of urban solar in Hong Kong from a solar industry perspective
HKBU | 31 Oct 2019

Mr. William Leung

Decarbonization in Hong Kong – from the perspectives of impacts, justice and governance

HKBU | 17 Oct 2019

Mr. Wing-Mo Leung

Translocal Relations & Climate Change in Asia

HKBU | 03 Nov 2017

Dr. Taedong Lee

Renewable Dialogue Workshop for Hong Kong

HKBU | 04 Nov 2017 

Dr. Taedong Lee
Dr. Gilles Lepesant

Conference on "Governance for Sustainable Energy Transitions: The Perspectives of the Asian-Pacific Region"

HKBU | 16-18 Jul 2017

Prof. Qi Ye
Dr. Philip Andrews-Speed (Moderator)

Deliberative Workshop on Electricity Tariff and Demand-side Management
Kyoto | 14 Jan 2017

The Deliberative Workshop on Solar Photovoltaic Development in Hong Kong: Prospects and Policy Challenges

HKBU | 4-5 Nov 2016

Deliberative Workshop on Electricity Tariff and Demand-side Management 

Guangzhou | 18 Mar 2016

The First Asian Energy Conference: Smart Grids, Sustainability Transition, and Innovation in Governance

HKBU | 02 Nov 2015

Prof. Rikiya Abe
Chair: Prof. Elizabeth Wilson
Panelists: Prof. Rikiya Abe, Dr. Alice Siu,
Mr. Chan-Kook Park, and Prof. Kenji Tanaka.

Seminar No. 8 – Anti-Inland Nuclear Power Plant Activists’ Media Strategies, Impacts and Challenges: A Case Study on the Jiangxi Pengze Project

HKBU | 09 Jun 2017

Dr. Deng Lifeng

Seminar No. 7 – Configuring Responsibility in the City: Justice and Low Carbon Transitions in Hong Kong and Singapore
HKBU | 28 Mar 2017

Dr. Sara Fuller
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