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upcoming events

Upcoming events

Photography, Video and Voice-Recording Disclaimer (拍攝、視像錄影和錄音聲明)

Our staff will take photos as well as video and audio-record the various sessions of the events. These records will be used for research, information dissemination, and other relevant uses at a later point in time. If you have any concerns, questions, or objections, please talk to our staff at the events or contact us at

我們的工作人員將會進行拍攝、視像錄影和錄音。 讓主辦及協辦單位作學術研究、記錄、和日後資訊傳播等之用。如您有任何顧慮、疑問或反對,請告知我們在場的工作人員或電郵聯絡我們 ( 。

Past Events

Past Events
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