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Solar panels

Asian Energy Studies Centre and Department of Geography 

at Hong Kong Baptist University are spearheading the Hong Kong Solar Partnership to provide a platform for collaboration and community engagement among Hong Kong solar stakeholders.


  • Facilitate dialogue among stakeholders and the co-production of possible solutions (e.g. workshops);

  • Try new ways of public engagement (e.g. visual arts, online solar map, Living Laboratories, etc.);

  • Enhance civic empowerment (e.g. peer learning, real-time information sharing, benchmarking); and

  • Share good practices and experiences (e.g. web-based platform).

Who we are


Who we are

Partners and Partnering Organisations


Partnering Organisations

(Note: We are actively inviting more partners among industrial practitioners, academics, civil society and non-local collaborators, and anticipate seeing more names added to this list in the near future.)

What we do

3. Share good practice examples (Proposed Timeline: September 2018 - August 2019)

Case examples for solar schools, households and communities

We will develop a collection of international case studies of urban solar good practice to share on our website and our guidebook, showcasing various examples of school and community solarisation.

Solar Schools

  • We will work with the Solar Schools Support Team to develop a user-friendly guidebook to share good practice examples for school solarisation.

Solar Communities

  • We will develop a collection of international case studies to share on our website and our guidebook, showcasing various examples of solar communities.


Rhythm Garden

Find out more

Community Solarisation in Hong Kong

Interview with the Property Management Co.

check out


check out

What we do

1. Set up Solar Support Teams (Proposed Timeline: September 2018 - August 2019)

The Solar School Support Team & Solar Communities Support Team will respond to specific enquiries in adopting solar from schools and fellow community members respectively, and share document templates for solar adoption.

Solar Schools Support Team

  • consist of a group of around 5 teachers who are experienced in installing solar in school premises.

  • They will take turns to answer enquiries from other schools interested in adopting solar.

  • share templates of application documentation.

Solar Communities Support Team

  • consist of around 5 residents of prospective solar communities experienced in installing household solar.

  • They will take turns to answer enquiries from other residents interested in adopting solar.

  • share templates of application documentation.

solar support teams

2. Workshops & Working Group Meeting (Proposed Timeline: Communities: February 2019; Schools: March – May 2019)

Solar Schools

  • We plan to gather over