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HKBU x Hong Chi Association “Little Energy Scientists” Project | GEOG3007

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Service Learning | GEOG3007 Energy Problems and the Environment

HKBU x Hong Chi Association “Little Energy Scientists” Project is a good service learning for HKBU Students studying the course entitled “GEOG3007 Energy Problems and the Environment)”. Through a series of “student-led citizen science projects” co-organized by HKBU and Hong Chi Association, students with intellectual disabilities studying in Hong Chi Morninglight School, Yuen Long are trained to be Little Energy Scientists to make contributions to the society by promoting community partnerships and advocating the development of low-carbon communities.

Hong Chi Association (HC) is an organizational partner of the Research Impact Fund project led by the CoP’s Principal Coordinator (Dr. Daphne Mah).

HC has committed to sharing solar data to support the implementation of our service-learning projects. Since 1965, Hong Chi Association has been dedicated to providing comprehensive quality education services to students with all grades of intellectual disabilities. Thus far, Hong Chi Association is operating 14 special schools covering 4 categories - mild, moderate, severe and mixed grades, serving over 2,000 children aged 6 or above of all grades of intellectual disabilities, and enabling them to develop physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually and emotionally.


The outputs of the 9 service-learning tasks

Task 1

Online training workshop

[Compulsory task]

8 October 2021

Task 2

STEM activity lesson plan

[Optional task]

15 October 2021

Task 3

Solar data record form

[Optional task]

12 October 2021

(Click the photo to see more)

Task 4.1

Online solar map workshop

[Optional task]

18 & 21 October 2021

(Click the photo to see more)

Task 4.2 Three selected Report

CHAN Ka Chun_1321167_Task 4
Download DOCX • 16KB
CHEN Chor Nam_1321137_Task 4
Download DOCX • 8KB
ZIMMERMAN Georgina Lee_1321160_Task 4
Download DOCX • 21KB

​​Task 5

Solar Investigator Team A (Photography and videography)

[Optional task]

26 October 2021

(Click the photo to see more)

​Due to the weather, the photos are delivered by teacher.

​​Task 6

Solar Investigator Team B (Drone Camera)

[Optional task]

26 October 2021

(Click the photo to see more)

Task 7

Visual arts

[Optional task]

9 November 2021

(Click the photo to see more)

​Task 8

Making solar-cart

[Compulsory task]

19 October 2021

​Task 9

Site visit of Hong Chi solar school and STEM solar-cart race (Group A) / Guided tour - Rooftop solar systems in Landmark North (Group B)

[Compulsory task]

October 2021

Group A

Group B

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